Atlanta, GA


A constant whirring of sounds, Fox Wound washes over with a mixture of anxiety relieving riffs and sobering choruses. The Atlanta quartet often switches from a washed out reverberating vocal style to harsh desperate yelling. Drawing influence from early shoegaze bands such as Slowdive & My Bloody Valentine while maintaining harsher and faster stylings reminiscent of Touché Amoré to Underoath, this outfit aims to create ambient and haunting settings for each track. Started by vocalist and guitarist Joseph McMichen (formerly of Topbunk) this band features other Atlanta music alumni Harrison Lyerly (Killer Eskimos / Miyawaki House), Richard Phillip (Rookie Move), and Tyler Sidney (Blurry). The self proclaimed "Pastel punks of Atlanta" have released a demo "Conscience Clean", a split with Blurry, and are currently working on their first LP which is set to be released sometime in mid to late 2016.